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  • Easy100 Installation Instructions
  • Easy210 Installation Instructions
  • Easy320 Installation Instructions
  • Easy350 Installation Instructions
  • Easy400 Installation Instructions
  • Post Attachment and Blocking, and
    90CB Corner Brace Assembly
  • Handrail Connectors, models 320,350,400
  • Stair railing installation
Cuts Calculator for predrilled HP11570 Rails, Easy100, 210 and 320
Can't see the table below? Download this spreadsheet

HP115 Rail Cuts


Note two examples above:

1. Equal-length 8-3/16" cuts off each end are OK, because the edge-to-double holes (OC) measurement is 3-11/16", greater than the required minimum of 1-5/8". Calculated as "CUT A".

2-1. Equal-length cuts off each end are NOT OK, because the edge-to-double holes measurement is only 3/4". Go to 2-2.

2-2. Shift the center by 2-5/16" to increase the edge-to-double holes distance to 3-1/16". Calculated as "CUT B".